Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Stirring Things Up

2013-02-20 10.06.14-1

I took a quick break from faces and mandala to capture this simple line drawing in my journal for A Year in the Life of an Art Journal's 15 Feb prompt "favorite quote".

Here's the back story - I am trying to document my new journey with Type 2 Diabetes using the prompts this year. For me this is not going to be so much about the art as it is the emotions and responses to having this challenge. This is a fairly recent diagnosis and with the life style changes/improvements I have made (including medication!) I am learning to manage it. I have had some roller coaster moments with conflicting information and opinions from medical personnel which truly has been the most aggravating thing thus far.

I decided to add a quote that encouraged me and represents where I am at in this moment of time. I totally cheated and searched on goodreads for one that fit! *L*

So tell me...what message do YOU get from this little drawing? What does it say to you?

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  1. Trish, I'm so so SO happy to see you making the prompts fit YOU and where you are right in this moment. Love the quote. LOVE the drawing. The author on the spoon handle made me smile. :) Thank you SO MUCH for sharing with us!!