Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Faces of the Weekend

My faces project went in a different direction than I thought it would but one I think is ultimately beneficial to me. I planned that I would draw more faces from my "Draw This Face" board but somehow ended up finding a tutorial to watch and follow from proko which then lead to another and another and another etc. I have not worked through all of them yet but it is on my agenda! After I posted "Another Face" and remarked about her eyes needing to be changed and then seeing other things I wanted to fix on her I thought I really needed to get specific about some of things I want to change about my portraits. I am always wanting to grow and improve in my work, aren't you? I felt these tutorials addressed a number of the specifics I was concerned with. I spent the rest of my free time over the weekend drawing tons of tiny little heads and faces and features in my "Body Parts" sketch book! Here is a mosaic of some of the work to share with you!

(Sorry about the bluish cast; not sure where that occurred - in the camera, mosaic maker, flickr?)

Now there are at least 15 more faces shown here that I am going to count toward my 29 for this challenge and 100 Faces collection (more in the sketch book of course!) This puts me at 27 of 29 and 72 of 100 but I am still going to be working on as many more the rest of the month as possible. The only way to learn and grow is to draw, draw, draw! Right? 

I do want to comment about the face on the upper left hand side - I am not happy with this one at all. It is completely over worked, has too many texture lines, tons of erasures, and still needs fixing. But! It stays as is because 1) It is merely an exercise 2) It lets me know what issues I need to continue to work on  3) It reminds me to switch to some other materials I have been wanting to play with again!

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  1. I am so glad I visited this blog today! I'm going to check out more of your work, creating so many faces, you have a lot for me to love to look at!

    It's great to see, learn, be inspired by what you are doing. Keep up the wonderful work!

    See you in the 29 Faces group at Facebook!