Sunday, February 10, 2013


You may have noticed that there is now a title to this blog other than "trish's art journa". And no, I didn't spell it wrong! *S* I purposely chose perfectshun because it says exactly what I hope to accomplish with my art. After years of struggling with perfectionism, I am far more at peace with myself than in my younger years. Of course there are still times when perfectionism can try and rear is ugly little head but for the most part I keep it in check fairly well. Underneath it all, for me, perfection is really just an excuse for not trying because I am afraid of failing or not measuring up to some unrealistic standard. That takes far too much energy! And I am basically a laid back, lazy kinda gal. Definitely NOT a type A personality here.

Now I create in order to simply enjoy the process of drawing, painting, etc. Now I create in order to express myself. Now I create simply because it is what I do and I am no longer afraid to show it to others. Perfection is highly over-rated. So as a way of reminding myself of who I am and what I hope to share not only with my art but with my life, I "shun" perfection.

Hence ~ perfectshun! It's perfect, isn't it?

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