Tuesday, October 7, 2014

What's On My Work Table

Not sure where I am going with this if anywhere. This piece was born at New Moon Art Gallery this past Saturday. I did it in my collage journal using a stencil, green acrylic paint and my fingers. While that was still wet, I added a dark blue acrylic around the edges and smooshed it in with my fingers in a circular fashion. It came out darker than I wanted so I wiped it off with a damp paper towel still in a circular design. I added white acrylic with my finger and didn't blend it in as well as the blue then again wiped it with the damp paper towel (which had the blue all over it too. I don't worry about that stuff.) I added bits of white by thinning down the white paint and flicking it from the brush I had. Finding it too light I remixed with less water and applied it again. That's it! 

Interesting that tonight is a lunar eclipse. Maybe I will be motivated to do something more with it after tonight's celestial exhibit!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Quote of the Week

Faces 26, 27 28 and 29

Before I begin any projects for October, I just want to take time for posting the remainder of my 29 Faces.



As these are merely  index cards and can be basically studies for other work I am more than happy with them. So I am FINISHED! I made it! 29 faces in September! YAY me! And congrats to everyone else that participated in the event. I learned SO much from you guys. See you next time!

OH WAIT!...wondering where number 29 is? I saved it. It is also my 100th Face in my collection.

I reached 100!

Faces that is!
This is my 100th face that I have  drawn since I started keeping track. 
(Even though it is only my 26th face for 29Faces I'm calling it done. I think its a good place to stop.) 

It is the face of our youngest daughter. I worked from a cropped image she gave me via facebook. 
I tried some different techniques with this one and I am super stoked about the results. I am working on a step out tutorial so won't go into details right now. Specifically I'm excited about the skin tones, the texture in her hat and sweater, the reflections in her eyes, the texture in her lips. And those eyebrows! Normally she spends more time on her eyebrows than I do drawing them. Not this time. There are at least five layers of pencil work on each one! I think it was totally worth it. 

This was a birthday gift for my husband by the way. It took me one week to complete it. The best part was being able to stare at her face all week long.