Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Jumble of things

I have been busy but not on here. I decided it might be best to just do a list of some things I wanted to share.
- Created some art work for holiday gifts for the family but waiting to post pictures til after they are given. - Finished 3 paintings (hmmm...where are those photos?)

 - Did Ali Edwards' STORYOLOGY workshop with Patti
- Finished Text FX class - Completed Scraphic Design Foundations with Tiffany Tillman
- Waiting on feedback from that class so I can move on to Core class
- Ordered my Log Your Memories logbook for 2012
- Added some quotes and tags to my One Little Word album

- Continuing to grow as family history curator; making good progress on the family trees and gathering stories to include in future projects.

- Got a smart phone and am actually learning to use it. LOVE IT! Don't know how I lasted so long without one.
- Emiko is recovered from her emergency surgery (October).
- She had a rough 2 days back in the middle of November with at least 10 seizures in less than 36 hours. Neurologically she is struggling but seems to be more herself every day. It is a slow process but we are all adjusting. We are continuously grateful that we are able to be at home with her and monitoring her most of the time as opposed to her being in a family where she is at home while everyone has to work. Randy tells her often she doesn't need to worry about being such a handful and having so many special needs. That's why she is ours; we don't mind. It melts my heart to hear him.
- Pondering my One Little Word for 2012

 I was trying to make this a complete entry but since no one actually reads this I am gonna let it go as is. right now.
wOW. The formatting is all jacked up. ah well.
So this is one of my BIG projects for 2012. Patti and I are both taking the class which will be especially nice to keep us "together" after I leave the island. THAT is another BIG project for 2012 and not one I am happy about or looking forward to. But it is what it is so....moving on. Big Picture Classes I have some things to do to get ready for it and somehow I keep forgetting about it. I figure if I post about it it may help me get on the ball and get it ready before 1 Jan!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

What number are you?

Apparently I am the 2,935,665,927th person alive on Earth
and the 76,495,371,580th person to have lived since history began.

Find out YOUR number here: