Thursday, June 6, 2013

Is Anybody Out There?

WOW! My friend, Robbie, mentioned I hadn't posted any art in a long time which I knew because I have been traveling quite a bit recently. I had no idea it's been since April though! That's crazy!

As I said, I've done some traveling lately to include Vegas, Colorado and Louisiana/Mississippi. I am going to Texas here shortly and now have a trip to DC planned as well. All that to say that I have NOT been making much of a mess with my paints and stuff and really need to. I am back in my studio and have been playing with a canvas just to rebuild strength and steadiness (which I seem to be sorely lacking) in my hands so have not begun on a planned piece that is intended to be a gift. Hopefully I will feel confident enough to start here within the next day or two.

So for now I will share the collaborative pieces I participated with for Face in the World. Unfortunately I do not have pictures of them all in their completed stage and one I am not able to share the photo at all. We worked in teams of 5 artists with each one doing a portion of the work and then sending it on for additional work. When your piece is completed it is returned to you. Mine is the lovely lady at the bottom!

(I did the hair in this one)

(again, golden highlights in the hair)

 (Eyelashes, brows and lips)
(This is mine to keep and I did the background and general face/neck)

This was an adventurous challenge for me and through it I have "met" some truly amazing and talented artists that have become a tremendous source of encouragement and laughs! 
BTW - our group grew out of the 29 Faces Challenge that I did in Feb 2013.