Saturday, March 19, 2011

More Back-logged Artwork

Goodness! I just now realized that I am WAY behind in the posting of my 100 Faces series! SIGH. Oh   biggie! Here's a bunch in one post. Let me know who you like and who creeps you out! I know I have a few more that I need to scan and share so stay tuned for more!

32/100 - While not my usual style this was fun to do. And it reminds me that I need to pull out my Japanese motif book I bought a few weeks ago and practice!


31/100 This is from a facial tutorial I was following.

29 & 30/100 Even though I'm not happy with how the little girl's ear and facial features turned out I am REALLY happy with the kids' hands on the glass window!

28/100 Found this photo in HanaHou magazine on the flight home and began working on it during the was too bumpy to finish then.

27/100 While I like to keep this a politically free zone I was intrigued by a photo of our Governor and kept thinking what an interesting face he has (for drawing anyway.)
27/100 HI Gov N. Abercrombie

26/100 Ojisan at Kona Airport - This guy was sitting a few rows away from me at the Kona airport. The funny part was this lady sitting directly across from me (and that I was ignoring totally) must have been bothered by my glancing up and down to sketch because she eventually leaned over into my viewpoint to make eye contact with me! It made me laugh out loud! She gestured wanting to see the sketch and gave me a thumbs up!
26/100 (Kona AIrport)

24&25/100 "Uncle" and "Facial Features Practice" - I was trying to capture my husband's uncle before he dozed off to sleep. I don't sketch faces very quickly so it was a challenge.

19-23/100 "Da Keiki at Aunty's House"

17& 18 "Twins"

Weekly Zentangle Challenges (Catching up)

Though I have fallen behind in blogging and posting I have tried to keep up with my art journaling and zentangles these past few weeks. Today I made time to scan in a number of images and truly realized how far behind I got. Personally and privately its been a tough few weeks but no need to cover it all here. I am planning to post as regularly as I possibly can in the next few days. I will be traveling soon for an unknown period of time but hopefully will be able to post none the less.
So without further ado here are my recent zentangles prepared (but not posted) for iamthediva's weekly challenge. 
Weekly Challenge 9 "Artoo"
Weekly Challenge 9

Weekly Challenge 10 - The Space Between
Weekly Challenge 10

I did not work on Challenge 11 but may end up doing one to post here.
Challenge 12 - Something Blue (aka Blue Tsunami)
The weekly challenge is to do something blue and with the horrible earthquake/tsunami that hit Japan recently, we have been inundated with images of  wave maps, wave intervals, etc. This simple zen is in response to this disaster. Weekly Challenge 12