Thursday, February 24, 2011

Need to do...

Lest you think I have abandoned my little blog, fear not! I am busy in my studio working through some art classes/workshops. I am not working on my regular ongoing art projects though and have let scanning go by the wayside for a bit as well but still have some new journal pages and a few sketches in my moleskine to share. I will get to it and post some new pieces soon.

And in other news....I just unpacked and installed my new Wacom Bamboo tablet that my sweet husband bought for me! He is awesome...its a larger version than my last one and it even came bundled with PSE8. I wish it was PSE9 but this is good too. I have missed having a tablet and am excited to get this one setup and begin using it! In the meantime here is a layout I did last year using my old Bamboo tablet while taking a class at

LOST road trip

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Box of Happiness

Went by Ben Franklin's yesterday and found this lovely little gem that begged to come home with me. How could I say no? Things like this can be challenging to find here (I live on an island) and shipping to here often makes it ridiculous to shop online so I was thrilled to find it at long last!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Heart (for Artoo)

Weekly Challenge 8 - a heart, originally uploaded by Trish Nonaka.

Its taken me a few days to get to this but I wanted to spend time thinking about little "Artoo" while I was working on it so didn't want to be interrupted. I found some quality time today to do it. They challenge was to create a heart and to incorporate two previous challenges within the design. I added Week 6 (Ixorus) and Week 4 (Starry Eyed) which can be found deep within the "Tink" patterned area. 
I hope the little guy is feeling much better now and is fully recuperated soon!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Art films

Had to share that I watched "Who the @#)& is Jackson Pollock?" yesterday and  found it frustrating for a couple reasons. First, I wasn't all that interested in the truck driver's life story (sorry) and secondly I found the "art community" to be snobbish, elitist, and boorish as a whole. I certainly hope the art community has changed but I think at that level it probably has not. Sad. Art is meant to be an expressive outlet of the inner spirit. For me, art is connecting to myself, the people I love and ultimately to God. Referring back to the van Gogh quote I used a few days ago..."The more I think, the more I feel that there is nothing more truly artistic than to love people." I think the people in the "inner circle" of the art world missed that point.

Today I am watching "How to Draw a Rabbit" (about Ray Johnson) and find the topics of mail art and collage so interesting. I appreciated the time they took to look closely at his pieces, sharing the tiny details of the collages, etc. It was refreshing to know he wasn't involved with drugs, etc despite the prevalent atmosphere of the times. Loved the interviews with Christo and Jean-Claude about Malka and "Andy" (Warhol), his mailman and Chuck Close. I will say that I am just as mystified now as before about his performance art but then again, I never understood Kafka either. And I would never agree there is anything artistic about suicide. 


edm016 - Cello

This is for my sister, Brenda, who plays the cello but not as often as I would like. As soon as I saw the prompt was to draw a musical instrument I knew I wanted to do a cello. Foolish me! I didn't stop to think how difficult it would be due to the symmetry required for the instrument. And being able to indicate wood grain using pencil. I tried not to fuss with it too much as I use my edm's and zentangles and my daily art journaling as warm-ups/exercises and not as finished pieces. I have to say, this was thoroughly enjoyable work though as I was listening to Vivaldi quite loudly as I worked.


Zen Weekly Challenge #7, originally uploaded by Trish Nonaka.
I thought "Opus" fit this theme very nicely especially when combined with "Ahhhhh"