Thursday, June 30, 2011

Why I Scrapbook

tn Brown Eyed Girl, originally uploaded by Trish Nonaka.

In one of the classes I am taking at Big Picture Classes, LOAD (LayOut A Day) with Lain Ehmann, we are to examine WHY we scrapbook. Here is my response.

I scrap as a creative outlet.
I scrap to capture moments I don't want to forget; both big events and daily life.
I scrap to share our story as a family.
I scrap to share our faith with future generations. I want them to know they inherit a legacy of faith and belief in Jesus.
I scrap because I want to reflect on the gifts and goodness God has given me.
I scrap to remember where and who I came from.
I scrap to share inner thoughts and dreams.
I scrap to leave a tangible way of touching loved ones when I'm no longer here.

If you scrap, leave me a comment as to why you do.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Scrapbooking Update

Yes occassionally I blog about my scrapbooking progress here as well as my art. Today is one of those days. You might notice a new "blinkie" on the side bar that looks like this:


My friend Patti and I have been hard at work on our photos and using our LOM system to its utmost. Even if you know nothing about the method you will still understand that in 3 days I:
- emptied 9 storage binders of photos from 1981-2005
- created over 20 more pages for albums
- created one complete album of Randy's adventure in Hokkaido
- staged an additional 20 plus pages for an upcoming class we plan to take the end of this month

- and placed all the remaining photos into categories (4 drawers total; all labelled and organized so yes, I can put my fingers on a particular photo in just a few minutes time!) That means that EVERY UNSCRAPPED printed photo I have in my stash is now living in the sum total of only 4 drawers measuring 4x6x18in. And every one of those has room to spare. Essentially, I am caught up!

That was last week....
This week brings me back to the blinkie. The photos that I mention above are all printed photos. I still have GOBS of digi pictures on my hard drive. I've found I rarely print individual photos these days and only print out complete layouts all ready to place into my albums. That is the general rule and yes there are exceptions. But I digress...

Since the majority of my scrapping and photo keeping is now digital, I invested in ACDSee (an organizational tool) and just completed a class on the program. I've been BUSY adding all my digi supplies to the catalog, adding/organizing/deleting folders and files, etc. I cannot wait to use this system in the near future (hopefully this doesn't confuse you but I have mine set up the same as my LOM system). I still need to work through my photos (Previously used PSE8 to organize them but didn't like that much...LOVE it for editing but organizing.)

I also moved all my scans of my artwork over to ACDSee to organize those as well.
Hopefully I will get all this work done, get a nice workflow going and will be posting here more regularly than I have been recently. Just didn't want you to think I left the planet!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Tsunami Doodling

Tsunami Inspired

The color blotches were already on the paper and I just began doodling over the top of them in an effort to practice a style similar to ancient Japanese woodblock prints. I thought it was kinda fun but didn't go back to do a more finished piece. Maybe some time in the future I will attempt it. Otherwise its just a great idea and practice piece.

33/100 "Maggie"


This is just a simple linear drawing using some colored pencils for accents. I did this back in March but did not share it here til now. Thoughts?

Monday, June 6, 2011

Artists for Respect!

mixed media painting photography online teaching - Julie Prichard - Artists for Respect! Join Us Today.

Julie Prichard is inspiring us all to do what should be a no-brainer and that is to RESPECT artists and their work. Check out the button on the right and see what others are saying.