Thursday, June 30, 2011

Why I Scrapbook

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In one of the classes I am taking at Big Picture Classes, LOAD (LayOut A Day) with Lain Ehmann, we are to examine WHY we scrapbook. Here is my response.

I scrap as a creative outlet.
I scrap to capture moments I don't want to forget; both big events and daily life.
I scrap to share our story as a family.
I scrap to share our faith with future generations. I want them to know they inherit a legacy of faith and belief in Jesus.
I scrap because I want to reflect on the gifts and goodness God has given me.
I scrap to remember where and who I came from.
I scrap to share inner thoughts and dreams.
I scrap to leave a tangible way of touching loved ones when I'm no longer here.

If you scrap, leave me a comment as to why you do.

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