Sunday, July 3, 2011

Studio Move and ACDSee

"The best laid schemes of mice and men...go oft awry..."
ah! So true.

Seems that it was just a few months ago that I relocated my art studio upstairs and had settled in. This weekend found me moving it back downstairs once again. Its no big deal as to why but it is a change none the less. Here is the UP side...I was able to clear out some things I haven't used and tossed them. That always makes me happy. Also with my recent scrapping projects I was able to clear out tons of those items as well. It is rewarding to see my traditional paper scrapping area getting smaller and using less space! On the other hand (and I DON'T consider this a DOWN side by any means) is my art supplies have grown tenfold! *L* They now occupy about 2/3 of my space.

More UP side:
-I do like being in the main part of the house surrounded by my family and not having to go up and down stairs is a blessing.
-Emi's pen is next to me so its much easier to keep an eye on her, monitor her seizures, and let her in and out. emiko
-Randy set me up with dual screens for my computer which is pure luxury while working on digital projects.
-I can get my easel outside much easier!

So while I may have lost a day to moving things I feel even more organized and ready to go than I did before.

Adding to that is my new software, ACDSee 12. Having completed the Jessica Sprague class on organizing digi supplies and then actually organizing my supplies I was ready to move on to my photos. I am currently plodding my way thru creating categories and rating pix. Then I decided to do something absolutely brilliant and WAY OVERDUE...I am backing up my photos on discs. So far I have 5 dvd's done with 2 more large files to copy. Feeling very accomplished I must say.

What are you doing this weekend for fun? What's your latest organizing project?

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