Thursday, July 14, 2011

LOAD week 3

Still hard at work organizing digi stuff but took the time to work through the LOAD assignments for this week.

Homework Assignment: Be a detective in your own scrapbooking. Think about the kinds of pages you’re creating, and the kinds of pages you’d LIKE to create. Since taking Library of Memories(LOM),now known as Finding Photo Freedom (FPF) for the past few years I enjoy scrapbooking SO much more than ever before. I've taken some design classes and found the style I like and for the most part I stick with it. I still like to try different things now and again but know the look I like for my scrapping pages.
Layout Assignment: Create a layout in the way that you “normally” scrapbook, whatever that is. Here is one I whipped out this morning using items from Jessica Sprague.

I am so beautiful, originally uploaded by Trish Nonaka.

Photo Assignment: It’s self-portrait day! I know you hate it – we all do. Find a way to get a photo of yourself—mirror, selftimer, a kid.
2011-07-12 19-04-31 - DSC08641

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