Thursday, February 14, 2013

Mandala Inspiration!

My focus on mandala is based on form versus function so I thought I would share some places where I have been able to find the information I found helpful in constructing them. If you are interested in the function or more spiritual side of mandala I would suggest doing a search using terms like mandala spiritual, healing, art therapy, etc. As you can tell from my list there are numerous directions to go in with this art form so look around, find what is YOU and give it a try. This should get you started...

"Guada" has a free mandala classThe Seed of Life and a Mandala Challenge all generously offered free of charge. These 3 items are on 2 separate sites and you will need to join both communities to participate. They are self-paced workshops with videos and templates to help you along. The challenge began Jan 2013 but you can join in any time! Donations are welcomed and she other classes to offer as well!

Stephanie of biffybeans is so gifted I have to include her right away!

Art is Fun explains how to create one and has a downloadable coloring book available.

Tammy at daisy yellow has info on them and I suggest you check her doodling too.

Speaking of doodling....alisa burke. Nuff said!

A lovely set of mandala on flickr but you can see the tutorial here much easier! And that is where I found this link to basic henna motifs which work great in zentangles and mandala.

A nice collection of mandala on her blog and flickr and though they are kind of hard to find it is worth looking! Brilliantly talented artist here!

Specializing in birth mandala Amy is a gifted artist! She has other types as well so check them all out.

Celtic Art Studio

A great article about them here!

The Mandala Project

The Bright Owl has a weekly Zendala Dare where she even creates the template for you.

Though not about mandala specifically this page has tons of links about patterns, symmetry and tessallations.

An online Tessallation Maker (requires Java) Don't worry I am not going all MATHY on you. Those days are behind me now - just have fun and play!

Among all her fabulous work, Luna has 2 AMAZING photos of mandala.

I do not think she is adding to her blog any longer but you can still view pages of lovely mandala along with poetry written by Teri

I have not spent much time here yet but Sacred Circle Mandalas has begun to create digital mandala and offers a free tutorial in pdf format, baeutiful work to view and a HUGE list of others that are creating works of art. I need to check out her facebook and flickr pages!

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  1. The book I use for the drawing is "How to Draw What you See" by Rudy De Reyna. I couldn't find your name on Paint Party Friday, you left the question on my PPF blog. Blessings, Janet, PPF (I am not a google plus member and that's where your name took me, not to PPF.)