Sunday, February 10, 2013

another face tutorial

another face tutorial, originally uploaded by Trish Nonaka.

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Let me begin by saying how much I dislike this this effort and how hard I am laughing at this poor elfish looking oddity! The tutorial I was following is an excellent one its just that I do not follow written instructions very well for this sort of thing. I did not trust the artist with the steps and botched up right off the get go. My proportion lines didn't look right to me so I changed them. I didn't use the pencils listed in the order described and I messed around with the hair line once I thought it looked too feminine and thought I would change it to a female. 

However! Here are some things I learned (the hard way of course!) 
Follow the instructions as written the best you can.
Don't try to learn too many new things in one drawing. - This artist does not use smudging for shadowing - only hatching which I rarely use. The way he sets up his basic lines is different from how I do it which tends to be more instinctively and less structured. He also puts in the hair earlier than I do. And - he does not allow erasing!
Trust the artist's process and don't worry about the outcome being in your usual style!

So there you have the un-erased, non-corrected, what the heck happened along the way version of this tutorial I tried to follow! I may have learned more from this than I realize! 
I thought about going back and "fixing" it  but I think that will defeat the purpose of stretching myself and learning new things so he stays as is. Just try not to laugh too hard - he has tender feelings!


  1. bon courage dans cet apprentissage sans fin

  2. I actually like this one better than the sample in the tutorial! :o)

  3. Good experience, then! I admire even the attempt to do faces.

  4. I like this handsome young man..he looks like a rock singer!

  5. Absolutely beautiful faces. Thank you for sharing.