Thursday, February 21, 2013

Slowing Down the Process

28 of 29 and 73 of 100

I chose this particular image because I wanted to try and incorporate all the details I logged into my notes and see if I could see any difference in the overall outcome. I will tell you that I certainly was more critical as I drew than normal. I also found myself working hard to stay away from my natural intuitive approaches in order to stretch myself. I don't know that I recommend this but for my purposes here it was needed as I am trying to have these techniques become part of my natural process. Once I have practiced enough I am sure they will become more relaxed and happen much easier. 

For instance, I usually do not lay in so many planes as I did this time. I think my eye goes right past them and straight into the detail work. Another example concerns placement: I was fully aware of thinking "The ears are higher than the tip of the nose because there is a slight downward tilt to the head". And, "Don't forget to foreshorten the mouth and chin"  HUH? Intuitively I just see that and draw it. At least I thought I did. As I look back over my work I see that isn't always true. In going through tutorials and lessons (and tons of practicing!) I am trying to slow down in order to capture the finer details and create more accurate looks. 

So 2 questions for everyone...
1) Did I over think it? 
2) Do you see any improvements? 

And if you are a fellow artist  -  I would love to know if you have gone through this process and how do you handle it? So please leave a comment and share!


  1. She is gorgeous! So professional looking. You are still overthinking it and overly self critical. I say BRAVO. Give yourself KUDOS and move on to the next one. RELAX.

  2. Wow! I love this!the detail is incredible! Love the shading. She is very beautiful!!