Thursday, February 14, 2013

Project Organization

At the beginning of Feb I mentioned working on my goals and how I use post-its to keep track of progress. I am in need of tweaking them a bit today, if only for myself. So feel free to ignore this post unless you want to see the chaos that is my life for now. I think I need to impose a deadline of August 31st on myself because I will need time to get ready for the retirement ceremony/guests and then moving (during the holidays just to make it interesting!) And let's not forget we have a daughter's wedding in April, a god-daughter's graduation and a friend's retirement in May along with another daughter's graduation in June (which may lead up to a cross country drive to relocate her).

     Ongoing Projects (Done once a month)
OLW (Complete)
The Monthly
Print layouts! Add to albums
Christmas Albums
i.scrap album journaling
"Where the heck is this?" album journaling
C1s folding frame
Countdown 25 (photos)
Lighthouses (select and print photos)
Summer Travel Album (select and print photos)
Hawaii ABCs (select and print photos)
Twelve Album
Kenji's Album
Clean out cupboard
Memorabilia Boxes (scan/toss)

Identify possible PAS photos from cupboard and category drawers
Mini Books (Decide which ones to use)
Foreign Coin/Money Collection - Locate a good album to use

OLW paintings
29 Faces challenge
100 Faces Collection
Research prints for Chief Painting/Print
Complete 4x3 Zen Page

Starbucks album
Scripture ABC cards
Buy Portfolio and place backgrounds, etc in there
Redo binding on Doodle Book
Update Home Binder
Stitching - small banners/family mon/baby quilt/
Wrap Spools
Brown Yarn - 2 skeins
Blue Yarn - continue crocheting granny squares
Old LP albums - scan covers/then ???
Take sweater apart/then ???
Oak Mirror Frame - repair
Honeycomb book - fold
Life Boxes for girls - ???
Van Gogh Painting - complete
Cut stencils for art journaling (using silhouette)
Prayer balls
Celebration Tree - spray paint branches/add plaster/create decorations
Paint - cup holder/box
Heart Rocks - Paint/replace hangers/remount rocks
Frames - repair/replace glass/paint
Sweet gum garland

GENEALOGY (Ongoing of course!)
Visit NJ for records research and photos (locations and gravestones)
NY/PA/RI ???
Create Jessica Sprague album (copies for brothers)
SCANS (albums/letters/photos)
Secure Daddy's Marine Album

I am curious as to what will truly rise up as important enough for me to deal with and really complete and what will fall to the way side as not worth my time and energy. My question will have to be "Is it worth taking with me unfinished?" Some things the answer is "YES!" And there is a theme as to what those are. Can you see it? Do you have an idea of what will make it and what won't?

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