Friday, February 1, 2013

Completing a Full Circle

So before February gets too far along I figure I best post about resolutions, goals, etc. I don't do resolutions as most of you know and I don't do too much specific goal setting but I do choose my One Little Word for the year and determine certain focuses for the upcoming year.

First, my One Little Word for 2013 is "complete" (along with other forms like completion, completing, completed - you get the point) I mulled over "finish", "ending" and some other similar words but didn't like the feel of them as well. 2013 is truly going to be a year of completing things. For me it means a ton of projects I have had for a while now. Its time to either finish them or toss them. Over the holidays I did complete about 6 of them and was pretty happy with that.

2013-01-11 celtic hearts
(Celtic Heart)
Scrapping Focus - The main thing is to continue using the great plans I already have in place and keep moving forward in my scrapbooking. Although with 40 plus albums I am not sure how much more I need to document! *L* I plan to keep going with Library of Memories for storage, do another section in my OLW album (for now I keep a few years worth in one album), pick back up with creating my  Monthly book, and doing all this using the plan from Twelve! There are a few specific albums and projects I am either completing or tossing. 

Art Focus- This year sort of came about after my OLW was decided. I decided I want to work on mandalas/zendalas this year since they are usually circular and remind me of completions. I've attempted them before and have never been happy with them. It seems they are not as perfectly geometric as I think they are intended to be. I am excited to see if I can either improve them or find peace with them as they are. Expect to see a bunch of them. There are other things that will pop up as the muse and mood strike me so be on the look out for those too.
2013 OLW "complete"
(mandala for my olw "complete")

Life Focus - The biggest thing that we are working on completing is our life in the military. After 30 years in the Air Force, Randy is set to retire at the end of this year. Hence the need to complete as much as I possibly can. At this point we are "staying fluid and keeping our options open" which can be translated to mean we have no idea what we are doing when we grow up. I do know we will be moving again but to where, remains to be determined. 

2013-01-26 Chief
(USAF Chief's Creed and Insignia - done for Randy's office)

Health Focus - Now this certainly will not be something I complete since it is an ongoing lifestyle! I have not shared this directly with most people but I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes late in 2012. It was not a total surprise since I had gestational diabetes with all three girls and it got progressively worse with each pregnancy. I have seen figures ranging from 20% to 60 % of women develop Type 2 later on. I have worked very hard to keep this from happening and did quite well until my fibro hit and I became less active. I need to work even harder at it now. I am trying something different for me and that is to incorporate my reactions and emotions as I deal with this in my art journaling.

2013-01-23 complete

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