Tuesday, February 12, 2013

An Elephant Face

This makes 11 of 29 and 56 of 100. I am SO glad I am doing this challenge! It feels great to be making progress toward another project being "complete".
I did not get a face done yesterday because some other things needed my attention but I did manage to do one this afternoon while chatting with my friend back home in Hawaii. Good thing she doesn't need my undivided attention and willingly watches me work. She is a musician so she  gets the need to create RIGHT NOW! (Love you P!) We are perfectly content to sit in one another's company and not have to talk the entire time. Its great! Don't get me wrong - we can TALK - for hours - and we have... many times! (Wow that is some BAD punctuation.)
2013-02-12 16.04.52-1 
I thought you might get a kick out of seeing my piece next to the inspiration piece . This may be one I come back to at some point because I love it so much and it deserves to be fully complete but I am happy with it as is for today! What would you suggest doing on it in the future? I did it with a .05 mechanical pencil, 6B drawing pencil and tortillon. 
2013-02-12 16.03.31


  1. Sounds like a perfect friendship Trish.... and love your gorgeous elephant... what a beauty...

    Jenny ♥

  2. I love elephants! Such gentle and loving creatures.
    Beautiful drawing Trish :)

  3. I love elephants Trish! Wow your sketch is amazing, love it