Saturday, November 3, 2012

What Happened to the Week?

Wow! This week seemed to fly by for me! Was it the same for you? I started the week off by beginning to crochet an infinity scarf for C3. I finished it on Monday and she wore it to school on Tuesday! I used one skein of yarn and just did a simple single crochet stitch, sewed the ends together and voila!

2012-10-29 13.08.50

I did a few face doodles in my journal and decided I like them better without eyes. I think. Maybe. Okay I am not sure at all!
  2012-11-02 13.20.33

Here is a little leaf garland I made using Alisa Burke's idea!
2012-11-02 11.09.18  2012-11-02 11.09.29

I also worked on a background for A Year in the Life of an Art Journal (Relax) prompt but haven't gone any further with it so far.
2012-11-02 13.32.06
I have a couple more things but they will be in separate posts coming up shortly!

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