Thursday, November 29, 2012

If you give an artist string...

Remember that book (you may have read it to your children if you are my age) titled, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie? 

Well...that is kind of what happened here. I told you that I wanted to crochet around a rock which lead to sketching sea urchins and working on tangles. I was intrigued by the patterns and decided to play with more of the crochet thread/string so began to wrap some around q-tips. (Why q-tips? They were on my desk. (They make make great paint daubers).

Playing with string

There is something intriguing and even comforting to me in the patterns that result. Reminds me of the God's Eyes we made in scouts umpteen years ago. Can you see the zentangle designs forming in there? I began to think of stars and snowflakes and that is what came next. Only on paper. I used the remnants from some snowflakes I cut last week for a garland I am going to do later on. Inspiration for that came from Alisa Burke's Create Daily Holiday Edition workshop I am taking. I used some as a stencil and then attached other pieces as well.

2012-11-28 13.06.46

I don't know...can you see how one thing leads to another or is it just my brain?

2012-11-28 13.12.55
Again...if you want to see where I went next...come back soon!
HINT:  It involves a hot glue gun.

Added 2/10/2010 - I just came back here to add labels to this entry and does anyone else see the weird face in the journal page on the right? I love when that happens!

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