Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Post Thanksgiving Post or Rock, Paper, Urchin

Catchy title huh?

I realized this is the first post I have done since Thanksgiving so I may need to catch you up a bit. I have been hard at work but since some of the creations are actual gifts for my daughters I can't post them here. I did make something for all three of them though and am really happy with how they turned out. Hopefully I will remember to take photos and then post (after Christmas). Remind me!

So what can I share with you? about this? I've been wanting to crochet around a stone for quite some time and have even attempted it but this is the first time I was patient enough to be successful. Quite fun actually! My rock is pretty small so I think it would be better to do this on a larger one in order to see more variations in the pattern. Here are the directions I followed and I think they are the best ones I've tried. (Yes I've tried a few) Here was the key for me in Purl Bee's that made the difference....If you have done this correctly this round will curl inwards a little appearing like a low basket. Time to slip your stone inside the basket. 

2012-11-27 16.45.02

So this got me thinking about my little sea urchin I have in my curiosity/nature collection and I began to  sketch  that along with my newly covered rock. Initially I tried to capture the crochet strands but was frustrated with their appearance so switched over to a zentangle type of interpretation instead and liked it much better. You can see the change up toward the bottom of the top left hand drawing.

sea urchin, rock, crochet

Here is everything all together. And if you are wondering what the blue underneath is....stay tuned!

2012-11-28 13.12.40

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