Wednesday, November 14, 2012

NaNoJouMo Catching Up again

Here we are on Day 14 of NaNoJouMo and I am behind in posting. We took the weekend and went away and had a fabulous time seeing the colorful leaves, the mountains, a different place altogether! We had a great time exploring Asheville, enjoying each other's company and talking about our future plans. And rather than trying to catch up with the prompts that Dawn has provided I am opting to share some of the other things I've added to my journal. I will go back to the prompts soon/later/maybe.
These are 4 small doodles I made from some piles of paint leftover from something else. I usually try to throw some paint down on the blank pages of my journal whenever I work on anything so that those BIG WHITE PAGES don't freak me out but I wanted to try and pain some of my pen line doodles that I have. 

                                           wand doodle   cupcake with leftover paint

just a pumpkin bird doodle

Though I didn't post it in the weekly challenge this is the tangle that Laura Harms (I am the Diva) had for the challenge this week. Mine is a small square that is part of a larger project. I will post it when its finished in about 2 more months.


This is a wax resist piece (again in my journal) that I added acrylics over the top of and scraped the word "hello" into.
And this one is from just a few minutes ago and is a project I am working on for Randy. This is a design that is used for the Chief's group and one that he would like as a painting in his office. I needed to work out a sketch of it before I begin. It helps work out some of the kinks in planning to actually put it on paper. 
I don't always do this step (I paint intuitively - read "by the seat of my pants" most times)
Chief Logo
So now I am back on track and will see you again soon! Thanks for stopping by!

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