Monday, September 15, 2014

Pages of my Life - Sept 8-12

This is my journal page from last week (yes I'm late in posting it but oh well) I also did not add a quote to this week's page. (again, oh well)

I started out the same way as usual; laying on a background layer. It doesn't matter how you go about this. This was another one of my gelli plate prints though in case you are wondering. Of course, you don't HAVE to put in a background I just prefer to. What I want to point out in this photo is the border. I like to add borders but have been forgetting to lately. So this is just a really simple one. I made it as thick as the paintbrush I grabbed. Once that was dry I made little a little blob and then two swipes off the blob with yellow acrylic. When that dried, I took a sharpie pen (not marker) and drew in little leaf like details. It gives a messy but quick and nice finish to the page even though I added it before I wrote my notes on the page, And for some reason I actually WROTE most of the page instead of doodling.

Occasionally I love to do a senses list. I record what I am HEARING, SEEING, SMELLING, TOUCHING/FEELING, TASTING, and add in THINKING if I feel like it. I do this a lot in my scrapbooking still.

So now to you add borders? If not, try it and see what you think. And do you ever write lists of things n your journal? Let me know if you share your journal pages...would love to see them!

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