Sunday, September 28, 2014

Pages of my Life - Sept 22-28

1) Gelli plate background (Acrylics)
2) Printed quote and glued it on
3) Added key words from quote and doodled
4) Lived with it for a few days as is
5) Glued on the bag from my Aveda "Comforting" tea

6) Cut out a flower doodle from a gelli printed piece of paper I found laying around. Aimlessly drew around it, on it. And around the tea bag envelope. 7) Hated it. 8) Took my favorite color paint and wiped it all over the non-glued portion using my finger. 9) Liked it better. For a day or two. 10) Outlined the key words from the quote with white ink. 

                                                                                          11) Happily moved on!

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