Tuesday, September 9, 2014

On My Work Table - 29Faces

I decided to post this one separately because I wanted to share more of the process I went through and am asking for any ideas or suggestions as to what I could do better next time. And for recoord keeping purposes this is 8/29 and 82/100

First, here is the photo I worked from:

You can see once I again, I'm working on an index card.
I decided to do his face first without the tattoos.  

Okay so sort of a big jump in the photo process; I forgot to get one before I began adding his tattoos. 

I should tell you that I did use pencil for the tattoos initially but felt it didn't look right so I inked over them. This may be where I went wrong? 

Obviously, my hand was not as steady with the ink pen and when you enlarge it like this is REALLY shows.  
And just for easy comparison....

So if you have ever attempted to do a face that is tattooed, or anything similar, I would LOVE to hear any suggestions you may have for improving this. Perhaps the first thing is don't work on an index card? LOL 


  1. I think the inking would be good on all facial features in addition to the tattoo. Also, by putting this on an index card you are keeping out the great symmetry and intensity of this guy's face and the tattoo (I'd like to see total eyes, total tatoo [as in photo]). I would like to see you use the proportions that you have framed in the photo. Your inking is great. The more you let go of your fears of making a mistake, the easier it will flow. I think this is a great start. Those are just my opinions, and you know everyone has an opinion! :)

  2. I really like this-I not noticing any unsteadiness but I'd like to see all of the features done in ink I think you might like the look of that better. very cool image though and I love that you chose an index card as your substrate.