Friday, September 5, 2014

On My Work Table

I mentioned on my Art of PerfectShun facebook page before that I wanted to work through Strathmore's Online Workshop #3 on watercolors mainly because watercolors are not my forte.
As of 29 August, Lesson #1 is up and she covers creating a color wheel for the painting, doing color washes and then creating your first painting with her. What a great teaching style Gay Kraeger has - very easy to follow along! I'm guessing Lesson 2 goes up tomorrow, Friday, 5 September.

Anyway, I wasn't quite sure WHY I needed to practice doing color washes, what I was looking for, or how many I should do. So after a little research I found this and thought it was extremely informative and helpful. Maybe you will too.

7 Watercolor Painting Techniques Every Artist Should Know
Oh...the answer is you are trying to produce an even layer of paint, while covering a broad a broad surface. NO lines of overlapping color. Cool. Got it.
Now to master it!

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