Monday, September 22, 2014

On My Work Table (Yeah its a MESS!)

Yes! I have ALL kinds of stuff and projects piled up on my table. Although last week was a fun week with gallery tours, lunch dates and hanging with a new friend it was hectic. I don't do well with hectic. I need time to process things in order to keep a handle on my life. I have piles of notes to be filed, contacts and info for getting prints made of my work (my goal for this week!), projects I'm thinking about, my artist statement I'm composing for the gallery and my 29Faces are way behind. The faces are done I just haven't posted them. So here we go!

When last we visited this project we were with Maori Man # 8/29 and 82/100. I was feeling rushed so grabbed my sketch and wash pencil and made quick faces.

Then my mood got weird for a couple days....don;t ask because I don't know either. 
 A somewhat normal person's face; still using the sketch and wash pencil
Then I saw a tweet from Tam over at willowing and decided to be inspired by her style without putting much effort in to them because it was pretty late each night before I got around to drawing. 
Based on a photo of an online friend who I won't name because it doesn't do her justice. At this point I am totally frustrated with the index cards and wondering why I am torturing myself with using them. I overworked the mouth and the index card DOES NOT allow that. 
Last night's...yes this makes #21. I'm reluctant to tell you this is my child because again it does her NO justice. I am counting it because I want to keep going with the challenge plus I'm using it as a study for another drawing of her today. 
21/29 and 95/100
That's it! I'm caught up in posting my faces!

I am officially working on REAL paper today. Not sure I will finish the index card idea. Tune in again to see. 

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