Wednesday, September 3, 2014


In the past I have posted my faces on a daily basis but this year I am opting to share them here on my blog once a week (Weds). I am creating them and posting them in the facebook group on a daily basis though! I thought it would be easier to see them in a group but let me know what you think...I can easily switch things. Daily post or weekly in a group? You decide!

1/29 My cousin's little guy celebrating his first birthday Hawaiian style! His name even means "happiness!"

2/29 I decided to work on index cards this year and the size is really challenging me along with the texture of the cards. Not too happy yet.

3 & 4/29 ACK! I was in a hurry and the lighting was bad and then I was frustrated so just let it go as is. Sometimes its okay that its just an exercise!
5/29 Thought it might be interesting to show you the difference in size that I'm working in. I have a pinterest board to save up faces I love and want to draw (Titled "Draw This Face")  and I'm able to enlarge them on my screen to see details better. 
See the little index card on the clipboard? Yeah. Frustrating! But this challenge is all about GROWING as an artist. I ended up pulling out my tortillon (blending stump) to do shadows. That works much better on this size. 
Should I be critical and tell you I can now see that I blended her nose too curvy? Nope! Its about the art of perfectSHUN, right? Moving on!


  1. This is fantastic. You did really good

  2. I think the hardest part is the posting!! :oD Great faces!

  3. Thank you all for the kind words! Greatly appreciated!

  4. Great work! Love the little Hawaiian guy! :)

  5. either way is Ok with me. Thanks!!