Saturday, October 27, 2012

What Have I Been Working On?

A couple of my friends asked me that the other day and I realized I haven't posted anything this week so here is a catch-up post. (In no particular order)

Decided to dye an old piece of linen that had the butterfly and edging on it already and then add some rough stitching to it. Not sure where I am going with it as of right now but keep watching for it to make another appearance! Glazed some leaves and added glitter to one of them. Folded a paperback book and made a needle felted hummy and nest for my friend who is recovering from surgery. (I couldn't wait to show her so she has already seen it on skype!) Was inspired by another of Donna Downey's pieces so I did a collage of some stamping samples (from the stamps I carved last week) and added more stamping and painted in the designs. Finally there is just a glance at my desk in the early morning light where I was doing the resist exercises from Journal Spilling!


 2012-10-27 11.46.50 2012-10-26 13.22.03 2012-10-26 13.22.43 2012-10-26 13.23.07 2012-10-24 17.52.31 2012-10-22 14.08.36 2012-10-25 09.33.54


  1. Oh i love what you've done! :) I"m so subbing to your blog.. :)

  2. I love that I got a preview and that one if those items is for meeee!