Thursday, October 11, 2012

First Needle Felting Project

Here is a project that I have been interested in attempting for a while but just never seemed to get around to picking up the materials or instructions. While in Colorado recently, I went into a lovely shop and picked up a small felting kit.; Here is the wool roving:

                                       Needle Felted Sheep

The directions were easy enough to follow and I was able to create a reasonable replica of the sheep pictured on the box. Here is a side view.            
                                      Needle Felted Sheep
And finally...
               Needle Felted Sheep

Although this link is not related to my kit in any way it is filled with great tips and information - much of which I wish I had known before attempting to felt my sheep. So check it out - it has 6 parts but is worth the time if you are thinking about giving felting a try: Kay Petal Video Tutorial

I now know that he was too densely felted because he is as hard as can be. Fortunately the kit came with enough roving to create 2 sheep so his brother is much softer. Shortly after realizing his younger brother was much larger he decided to grow a mustache. What do you think? Did he go too far?


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