Friday, October 19, 2012

Memory Sticks

I saw something like this on Alisa Burke's blog a while ago and just loved them. When I was in CO recently I wanted to capture the colors and feel of autumn in the Rockies and gathered driftwood (along the river), rocks, acorns and leaves. I coated the leaves with modpodge to keep them supple. Last night I  decided to work on my memory sticks and finished them up this morning. I hope you can see the additions of the leaves and acorn on the one to the left. The yellow and green tag on the  bottom are bits of the elephant poo paper I found at Meininger's.

2012-10-19 13.42.48              2012-10-19 13.43.55

                          2012-10-19 13.40.38
 I like having them around  as a bright spot of color and autumn inspiration. What do you think?

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