Saturday, August 2, 2014

This is what happened when I was playing with paint

I shared on fb that I was going to play with paint and someone asked me to post pictures! This made me giggle because I didn't intend to get a finished product and expected nothing worth sharing. But in the spirit of seeking "perfectShun" I will share. These are just technique exercises that are in my daily calendar/art journal. (Btw...I'll share about this fun idea another time! You're gonna love it...and hopefully give it a try too!)

These were done using my gelli plate and liquetex acrylic paints. The pages already had a layer of paint on them so after I applied paint to the gelli, I used a cotton swab to remove some and just drew quick circles with the swab. Place the page over the plate, press evenly and voila! Loveliness! See? Just throw the paint down and see where it lands! Have fun! Create! (Be sure to share with me when you do! I'd love to see your work.)


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    1. Thank you...remind me to show you the complete pages.

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    1. Not my normal palette but they came together nicely didn't they? Thanks!