Wednesday, August 13, 2014

On My Work Table

A big, happy, juicy, messy, colorful pile of index cards!

It was one of those days where I really wanted to paint and be in my groove but it wasn't happening. At all. I wrote a blog post. I deleted it. I wasted time on facebook. I saw the last few things I need to sort through in my newly reorganized studio. I ignored them. I took the pupster out. Numerous times. I played with the pupster. She went to sleep. I sat at my desk. I got up. I think you get it.

Then I came pulled out the pile of index cards I keep stashed in my journal tote. Tammy, over at Daisy Yellow started a really cool idea back in 2011 called Index Card a Day (ICAD). Each day she gives a prompt and you either follow it or make up your own; the whole idea being you work on one card each day. Not overwhelming this way. She did it again in 2012 for June and July and added new prompts plus shared her kid's cards. In Jan 2013 she began Prompt6ix! where she gives you six words or phrases and you create from there. She offered ICAD again in June 2013 and most recently one more time this past summer (2014). But she didn't stop there...she is now posting Daily Paper Prompt.

Here is my confession...I have tried each time to join in and something happens and I end up not participating. I think over all these opportunities I have created a grand total of.....wait for it......17!

I love the IDEA of following the challenge but the timing just hasn't worked out for me. This doesn't mean its not a great tool to have on hand for days like today. I followed a couple of prompts and then things took off and I finally hit a creative mood. I completed 23 cards today. Yes. 23.

This is not the method that Tammy uses but it is still a completely valid one. On days like this I don't want to waste my quality supplies but still want to be creative. Chances are I am going to be super critical and unhappy with the outcome but need to do something.  I don't want to set myself for frustration or put pressure on myself. Good ways to work yourself into artist's block. Using the cards is low key, fast, and doesn't take tons of concentration; excellent since I hardly had any! Here's a couple examples from the day.

Your turn! What's on your table?

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