Friday, August 22, 2014

Pages of My Life Aug 18 - 22

This week began with my Einstein quote and a background made a while ago using my gelli plate again. I like that you can use such a small amount of paint with the gelli and get a nice finish on the pages. It makes it much smoother to write  and doodle over the top of the acrylic paint.

I have a very exciting and fun week planned as we have special visitors coming to the island this week. Our relationship started out with her being my airman while stationed in Japan but over the years she has become "my little sister". She's bringing my 7 year old niece with her and I plan to spoil her fully! In addition to them. our eldest daughter and son-in-law are arriving a few hours difference. I am SO happy they have flight benefits and can visit pretty often. 

I truly have NO IDEA how much arting I am actually going to get to do while they are here but thought I would use this opportunity to begin posting about our travels around the island. I know many have been here and probably even more hope to make it here some day. Now you might be asking what does that have to do with art and creativity? PLENTY! Journeys can give you ideas, clear out your brain, inspire you and make you see things differently than before. So, occasionally I will share a glimpse of "Island Life" with you. I promise not to overwhelm you with tons of photos...just something you can savor and enjoy! I hope you look forward to it.

In the mean time,, this is how my journal spread ended up this week. Still plenty of empty space to fill up if I choose to.

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