Thursday, April 25, 2013

Evolution of a Painting

I realized that I never posted about this painting so here we go...

While toodling around in my sketchbook one day I was reminded of the legend of Haumea. I have often seen works that portray Pele in the volcano fire but couldn't recall seeing Haumea's legend done in any form. Depending on which version or source you get your legend from will make the "facts" vary but she is known to be the "mother earth" and deeply connected to childbirthing. She has numerous daughters but I focused on only two; those being Pele (fire) and Namaka (sea).

So I began to sketch ideas....
2013-04-25 12.03.34 2013-04-25 12.16.19 2013-04-25 12.16.42

Normally I do not remove sketches from my books but I used these as references as I painted.

Here is the initial sketch on canvas done in water soluble pencil. You can see the changes in details and how things evolve as I work through the concept.


I will share more tomorrow

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