Thursday, April 4, 2013

Aboriginal Art Swap

I adore aboriginal art but I have never tried my hand at it. So I am stoked there is a swap being held at The Art Colony

Create and swap a 4"x 6" painting in any medium, inspired by Aboriginal dot painting! Sign up for the "Aboriginal Dot Painting" Swap, by adding your name and address to this thread before April 30.

Note: You will need to join The Art Colony to participate but its an amazing online community and totally worthwhile to do so. Plus its free to join!

I think its vital to understand this is not just making dots on canvas. Aboriginal art tells a story - a story about people and their relationship to their land and how they view and understand the world. Watch this! The complete documentary is available on amazon (of course!). To learn more about this art form do some searches using the terms "aboriginal art" "indigenous dot art" and "Aboriginal Art symbols". Visit to find numerous talented artists creating in this style! You will also have a  visual treat if you search on pinterest for these terms!

Sign up and join the fun

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