Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Travel art kit

Travel art kit, originally uploaded by Trish Nonaka.

I wanted to share what I included in my travel art kit: I needed it to be small enough to carry in my purse but keep me going until our things arrive in NC (which may be a couple months). 
-  a small Pentalic unlined sketch book
-  a Compendium lined notebook (the one with the shell on it).
- a bunch of clips, pencil sharpener and a couple rubber bands
- American Craft pens .03/.05 black
- mechanical pencil with refill leads
- 5 drawing pencils various sizes
- 4 water pens again with various brush tips/sizes
- plastic 6 inch ruler
- small scissors (may need to switch those for the airline but I think these are ok)
- mini mister
- small container filled with gel medium
- glue stick
- 2 sketch and wash pencils
- set of watercolor pencils
- white eraser
- post it pad
- black gel pen

The books won't fit in the plastic pencil case but everything else does so I am quite happy with it. I usually carry this with me wherever I go but without the gel medium, and the mister. Normally I have more wc pencils. I debated on including my small Windsor Newton travel kit since I  love the colors so much and it is pretty compact. In the end I decided to send that ahead in a separate mailed box that I will pick up on the mainland. It will include the travel journal that I showed you yesterday.

Oh did I mention  we are driving cross country? We are! Los Angeles to NC. Are we crazy? Probably. But I will stay sane having my art goodies with me. 

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