Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Catching up?

Did NOT realize its been since MARCH that I posted here. YIKES!  Lots of stuff going on...
Health wise - working really hard on finding the balance of numerous, short, daily workouts that don't cause fibro flareups and still yield some results for health. I am now seeing a nutritionist regularly to avoid going into full blown diabetes. Reminds of my pregnancy days - was diabetic with all three girls; with each pregnancy being worse. I knew it was always a risk that I would develop diabetes over time but am glad I managed to keep it at bay til this age! Need to work really hard at this though and try and turn it around and not just manage it.
Life wise - getting ready for our final move with the Air Force. Headed to North Carolina for a bit (about a year and a half) and then its retirement! Amazing. Really. Truly. All the things we used to dream about are arriving now. Life is amazing!
Daughter wise - C2 is moving to CO to live with C1 and they are so excited about it! I hope they have a blast living and growing together.  C3 is coming with us for the time being and then will probably head to CO after retirement. Her sweetie is getting stationed to CO in August so they are excited about that and future visits.
Emi wise - so happy she is healthy! She has not had a seizure since Jan 26th so apparently we have her meds at the right dose at last. She is coming with us to NC as well! *S* Of course!

Art wise - have not been doing much recently but I am good with that because...
Scrapping wise - I am getting TONS of scrapping and digital pages being done because of TWELVE.
Writing wise - gathering more and more stories of family history and journaling for scrapbook layouts.

New Projects wise - Patti and I have been working on indexing the 1940 US Census. Its been lots of fun and so interesting to be able to index the Hawaii census. We learn so much about this beautiful place and how things and people have changed over the years. Mainly for the good!  We also both are involved with AWAIAULU which is a transcription project of Hawaiian newspapers dated from the 1800s. What an honor and privilege to be able to assist in saving this part of history for future generations. You do not need to speak Hawaiian to help just be able to copy what you see and save it digitally. I am sure that every little bit helps me learn more of the language though.

This morning I just finished putting together the materials for 8 mini books. Patti and I made and completed 2 yesterday and so I went ahead and got the rest of them ready to be bound together soon. I added some distressing to some music paper and am including that in the books as well. This all came about because I was trying to empty some drawers filled with journal papers, etc. in anticipation of our upcoming move. Two drawers got emptied and future journals of various uses are being created. I will share them once I get them all done.

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