Friday, May 18, 2012

2012 Books Read Update

More books recently read  (thanks to Kindle!) and in no particular order.
This time I thought it would be good to add a tidbit for each  one. While I enjoy historical novels; especially those with a Christian theme to them, I don't like ones that are just a romance story at heart. I tend toward books about topics that are interesting to me like antiques, travel, journaling, family, Japan, Hawaii, faith, old houses, etc. Since I got my Kindle, I have been challenging myself to find books that appeal to me but are FREE. I also choose certain books because I share them with my daughters (the eldest primarily) and think they might enjoy them. I typically do not consider non-fiction as part of my reading list but since I do a lot of that genre also, I am going to add it here as well.

Heart for Freedom - Chai Ling (Tienanmen Square activist memoir) - recommend
Empress Orchid - Anchee Min (have second in series to read still; bio of Chinese Empress) - recommend
Trapped on the Titanic - Knox (ridiculous ghost story)
When I Found You - Hyde (a hunter finds an abandoned baby and commits to him for life)
The Fence My Father Built - Clare (a fight  to protect Native artifacts and discover a father)
Finders Keepers - Palmer (I got it because it was about antiques and historical homes but its just a love story)
goodness gracious green - Christie (mindless but fun series about small town newspaper owner)
Yoga Cures - Stiles - recommend
World War II London Blitz Diary - Thompson (diary of woman from England) - recommend
Child of the Mist - Morgan (another romance story with Christian theme)
Hearth in Candlewood - Parr (another romance story with Christian theme)
Love Me If You Must - Young (house renovation, dead bodies, romance)
The Crazy Old Lady (in the attic) - Valentine (mystery)
Mill River Recluse  - Chan (abuse, social anxiety, friendship)
Scream -  Dellosso (sort of a Stephen King genre with a supposedly Christian theme; will stick with Peretti)
To Love Anew - Leon (English prisoners sent to Australia; hope and faith) - recommend

Current Read: eye of the god - Allison

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