Saturday, September 3, 2011

LOAD Update

I haven't posted anything about LOAD recently but that's not because I haven't been working on it. The class is broken in to 2 stages; the first 9 weeks was "Training" and now we are into the "Marathon" stage where we work on a layout every day! That step began 1 September so here is my update.
Patti and I both found that we didn't have a huge need for the prep stage since we are both into our 4th year of LOM. We have things pretty well organized and know our styles and likes and dislikes. Laine does a great job of helping you work through those topics if you aren't familiar with LOM though. We both had previously identified a bunch of photos, papers, stories, ideas, etc that we really wanted to scrap but for whatever reason we just hadn't. I placed all my stuff into a plastic file binder with each idea, etc in a separate section. On `1 Sept I read through Laine's prompt/suggestion but ended up just pulling a set of photos from my file binder along with the papers, etc that I chose for it.
I ended up doing TWO layouts actually! One is page of a trip to Philly and another is a trip to Rushmore. Today went really well despite not having any idea of what I was going to do. I haven't even read Laine's prompt for today btw and its now 850 pm. However, I pulled a group of photos from my binder again and completed 5 pages from a trip to Williamsburg, and 2 pages from a trip to Lancaster PA.
Total number of pages so far...9!! We are only trying to one a day but when the scrapping juju is working go with it, right?
I originally intended to work on Caity's prom photos but I never got around to ordering the photos. I did that yesterday but then didn't end up going over to pick them up. That led to working on the photos I described above. I also ordered some additional prints from Jamestown and Williamsburg (about 90) I discovered when doing my massive backup recently. I have now decided to put those all in a PAS (Photo Album Scrapbook) since there are so many of them.
OH! I just remembered I did a digital layout today as well from a trip to Lewes DE to see the tall ships so current total is TEN!!!

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