Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Another Trip Documented

After completing the title for our trip to Yellowstone Mount Rushmore, I decided to finish up my scrapbook pages for that trip. We went on this trip way back in 2000 and I've had photos attached to pages for quite some time but never added any journaling or memorabilia to them making them more than a little boring to look at. I won't say they are the best pages I've ever done (they aren't) but they are done and I am content with them.
These pages make a second completed chapter in what will eventually become "Our Trips with Grandparents" album and that is pretty exciting to me. I have also decided to add 8 pages to my LOAD count (even though I finished more pages than that I feel like I really only completed these 8. Either way I am happy they are done and in our Places We Go album (Vol 2).

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