Sunday, September 18, 2011

LOAD Progress Report

I am SO excited with the progress I am making with LayOutADay (LOAD)! Of course I am not following it to the letter but have adapted it to get some projects done that I've either dropped the ball on or just plain forgot about. As of yesterday we were to have completed 17 layouts. Here is my count:
-Completed one chipboard mini-book for Caity's Prom
-Completed 36 layouts that documented a huge trip of the East Coast we did with Randy's parents back in 2006. For now this is an album in its own right but will become a section of a larger album that includes all the various trips we have taken with his parents over the years. I am thrilled with it and am already working on a second trip!
-Completed 1 layout for "Our Trip to Yellowstone Mount Rushmore"

No matter how you want to count the mini-book (as 1 layout or as 8 pages) I am still ahead of things and oh-so-very-happy with my progress!

Some lessons learned: I don't really LOVE paper scrapping (unless it is for a specific SPECIAL layout)
1) it is much harder to get color matches
2) you cannot resize photos
3) sharing layouts is difficult and requires additional steps of photographing the layouts, uploading them to both your computer and a photo sharing site
4) there are few ways to batch process pages making the entire process far slower than digital. Doing one layout a day means getting out your supplies, working on that page, putting everything away and then repeating that process every single day.

Result: Patti and I decided we can do this more efficiently with a few of our own tweaks applied to LOAD. We created a checklist of sorts and hope to give it a trial run sometime in October as we work on getting the remainder of our LOM category drawers emptied out.

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