Saturday, January 8, 2011

New Beginnings

After a wonderful holiday season I am ready to get back to my blogging. I've been sketching and doing various exercises in drawing but need to get some items uploaded here.
One thing I have decided to begin to include here is some of my scrapbook work. Initially I thought I would not include it but since this is an ART blog and I consider my layouts to be another art medium I figured why not? Besides its my blog so I can change the rules. And until now I don't think anyone realized there were any rules. You will need to stay tuned for layouts since I don't have any ready to go right now, but soon.

I've been scrambling around since returning from BI trying to get organized with my Log Your Memory logbook for 2011. What a great tool this is going to be! Spent time with my good friend, Patti, today making sure we have all our classes and goals included in our journals. I am also adding art projects in my logbook so I quit missing deadlines to submit pieces...hey! I'm creative not organized.

Another new thing on here is some items being added to the side bar. These are links to projects, classes, etc that I am participating in. I don't get paid for endorsing them or anything...I just really like them and want to show my support. Feel free to check them out or ignore them. Up to you.

Now back to latest face. (#27/100) There are more posted in my flickr photostream along with sketches and journal entries and rather than posting them here, you can go there and check them out.
Thanks for looking!

27/100 HI Gov N. Abercrombie

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