Sunday, January 16, 2011

Behind the Scenes

While there is little to show for all my work the past few days as far as "postable" art work goes I have been in my studio almost every waking hour. What have I been doing? I spent a good deal of time getting ALL my digital photos into my PSE Organizer, rating them and tagging them. I moved all my craft bins in to the studio closet, set up my Inspiration displays, brought in my easel, added all my art goals and projects to my planner (I decided that if I want to participate in them I need to keep track of when they are!) and just finished sorting ALL my papers, ephemera, etc (by color!) that I use for my art journals. (I did this while watching Pam Carriker's videos from the Strathmore workshop. I am starting a bit late in the first workshop but that's okay with me. No pressure.) In the midst of all that I lettered a scripture on to a watercolor I've had sitting around since last year, added to my daily zentangle book, revamped an old planner/calendar into an art journal (glued pages together, added tape, inked a bit) and actually journaled in it! I cut a bunch of watercolor paper into ATC cards; for what I'm not sure at this moment....time will tell but its nice to have them ready. I did a quick LO for LYM Designer Challenge but need to add my journaling to it still. I think tomorrow will be a scanning day so I should have something to share soon!

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