Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Multi-tasking, originally uploaded by Trish Nonaka.
This is the current journal I am using for AJED and it has a few black vinyl divider pages through out that bore me. I bought a couple fountain pens and some FW Pearlescent White Ink (didn't have any plain white which is what I wanted but when you live on an island you take what you can get). I had not had a chance to play with these yet so thought the white would be good on the journal covers. Being as I am a bit behind in some zen challenges I decided to put them all on the cover and keep going til its done.
For those of you in iamthediva's weekly challenge group, can you spot the individual challenges?


  1. stars and orbs and double strings...oh my! possibly some simplicity too?

  2. Very cool, good use of the white pen. I think the diva has it all figured out.

  3. Stunning! Fan of multitasking that I am I admire your work.

  4. I love the white on black! :D Can't wait to see it complete!