Friday, July 11, 2014

I'm back...well sort of

Its been a really long time since I added thing to this blog but it doesn't mean I forgot about it. I've debated (maybe still am debating) about abandoning it, switching to another platform, etc. For now, I am just going to stay put right here. Too many new things at one time is a bit much I think.

I just checked! ITS BEEN MORE THAN A YEAR???!!! WOW!

So what have I been doing? We retired, vacationed, settled dd3 in CO with her siblings nearby, bought a second home in Hawaii, updated it, moved in it, took a trip back to the mainland, got a new puppy, created a business plan for my art and began on a new adventure with that! I will add updates as things get formalized! Its pretty exciting!

I do have some new pieces to share as well but first....this is Maiko our new maltese puppy! Her full name is Maiko K

New Art: Just a sampling of somethings I've done in the past few months.

This is my friend's bench she found and asked me to paint on for her. Yes its in her living room for now! *L*
This old apron had been hanging around for a log time and I got bored one day. You gotta be careful leaving stuff just sitting around!

Finally, this is part of a series that I am getting ready for next spring and the local cherry blossom festival. (watercolor)

I've got TONS more to share but need to make some final arrangements before I share details! In the meantime please be sure to check out my BRAND NEW FACEBOOK page! And "like" it!

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  1. I love that you posted the bench. Since John sealed it, it so much brighter. We'll send pics soons. Love your stuff. So proud of you!