Friday, January 13, 2012

Creativity Journey

I am taking a class online called "Twelve" and for me it is a journey into creativity. Originally intended to be a scrapbooking class I already see it becoming so much more. We are curating ideas, triggers, photos, memorabilia, information, resources and working them in to a system whereby you can easily find them again when you need them.

I only wish I had this years ago when my brain was really clicking and ideas flowed rapidly. At this season of my life I have the TIME to create but perhaps some of my best ideas are lost to bits and scraps of paper I never knew how to corral until time would allow for deeper exploration. But that doesn't matter much to me really.

I am crossing into all areas that I am currently interested in and working on. I am gathering ideas for scrapbook layouts, stories I want to tell, future pieces of art, new leads to check for our genealogies. Its really amazing AND I will be able to tap into them when I am ready to work on each one.

Occasionally as I am sitting and pondering things I find myself doodling (nothing new there). Thought I would share something new that is happening on my art table though. I normally keep it covered with brown paper to help absorb the mess of paint, ink, water, gels, etc that I manage to slop everywhere. I laid out a nice new clean piece before we went to Big Island for New Years. After a couple projects it now has some lovely green splotches, white streaks, etc dabbled about. I decided to grab my sharpies from their carousel and began to doodle like I usually do in my journals. Yesterday the girls sat at the table to chat and I tossed them some markers as well. Hand tracings appeared. Katakana images. A paw print. Scripture. Numbers. Words. I think it will be a cooperative work in progress for a few weeks. Here is peek...Enjoy!

2012-01-12 13.09.36
2012-01-11 12.43.38
2012-01-10 18.14.20

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