Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Art, Heart, & Healing Week 2 Part 1

Art Heart Healing Week 2, originally uploaded by Trish Nonaka.
Gel transfer using paper, graphite detailing, watercolor accents, acrylic wash. Lyrics "I Hope You Dance"

Our lesson this week consisted of two parts and this portion was to make a wish for our "baby self", or any child really, of the things we wish or hope for them. The song "I Hope You Dance" seem to fit perfectly. I hope my girls never just settle for things and always go for what they want from life and in a way that pleases God.
And yes...that chubbers of a baby is me.
I don't enjoy doing gel transfers with paper but since I didn't have transparencies on hand I went with it. I ended up having to rework the transfer with pencil but I am okay with it. I am learning that I am not going to love every piece I work on and they all won't be as "perfect" as I think they should be. So what? *S* Its the joy of creating that matters!

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