Monday, December 3, 2012

Red Ginger

I've been wanting to do a red torch ginger painting for our master bath since we moved in and after getting some canvas panels thought it would be fun to try it on those.

I sketched out my design using a sketch and wash pencil and then went in with acrylics. I placed it in the bath over the weekend to "live with it" and see what I wanted to change on it. Here's a first look before I go in and make changes...I like to share the ongoing process with you. I think it gives a look into the creative process and/or the mind of the artist.
red ginger

So...a few things I want to change...the lauhala is too brown - needs to be lightened and more texture lines added. The ginger needs to extend further down below the banana leaf. Add a second bloom? Randy suggested the ginger to have more definition like it did when I sketched it in pencil.

Stay tuned!

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