Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Great New FREEBIE App for Droid

I love taking photos of Emi but she tends to move so quickly that I haven't been able to get very many "on the fly" pix of her on my phone. I just found a great little app that I LOVE already after only ONE session with her! It's called Fast Burst App. You simply download the app, open it and when you are ready you hold one button down on your screen. It a split second I took 14 photos of Emi. From there I was able to run thru them, delete all but the best one (you can keep as many as you want) and voila! A great picture of my fast moving pup!

Now something that I just learned in uploading this...because I have all my phone photos automatically go to DropBox (another FAV app!) I actually have all of the pix I took of her still. Not sure if that is something I am going to love or not. Stay tuned on that issue!

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